Interested in Youtube Advertising? You are Definitely on The Right Track!

Surely by now you have heard that YouTube advertising is gaining a ton of popularity and respect these days. This is because of the versatility and MASSIVE benefits it packs for business marketing and the deep and wide reach video marketing has in engaging your customers. Due to the explosion of video advertising on line, content marketing is taking a back seat. Why you ask? Just check out the following statistics:

YouTube was founded in February, 2005 in San Bruno, CA.
YouTube gets massive traffic: 1.57 BILLION monthly users! (Sample Data: January, 2018)
30+ Million people visit Youtube daily!
YouTube TV has a subscriber base (paying customers) of approximately 300,000
YouTube users creating content: 50 million people like you!
Average Viewing Session: 40 minutes, up 50% year-over-year. Last updated: 1/24/18
Number of Videos Watched Per Day: 5 billion (WOW!)
Incredible: YouTube reaches more 18-50 year olds in the U.S. than Cable TV Networks do!

YouTube Demographics
62% of YouTube users are Male
38% of YouTubers are Female
80% of YouTube users come from outside of the U.S.

*Above data reported by Omnicore –

Listen, videos convert really well and produce a high percentage of sales from site visitors. In another study, it was reported that 71 percent of on line marketers say that videos convert better than other types of ads and content.

Let’s face it..when you effectively engage your prospects with a multi-sensory experience, they will respond!

YouTube has also taken its position as the number 2 search engine after Google! YouTube gets more than 6 billion hours of viewing time every month. This is serious stuff. Is it any wonder that all this makes YouTube advertising the “go-to” tool for marketers around the world? If you advertise quality goods and services through this channel, you will definitely get the attention of a TON of motivated visitors interested in you and your products!

In some cases, with YouTube video advertising, you pay just a few cents for each view for display and streaming ads. This is truly a fantastic bargain that you can use to generate brand awareness among your customers and your audience. In addition, you are not charged for the view until the viewer watches 30 seconds of video or completely finishes watching the video, whichever occurs first. Obviously there aren’t many 30 second videos on YouTube but I’ve seen a few…!

Furthermore, you can use YouTube to create a real time interaction with your customer. On a personal level, videos can make this exchange extremely productive as it allows sellers to demonstrate a product or service in a professional manner to a genuinely interested party. YouTube results speak for themselves. I know must be impressed by the eye popping traffic numbers just above!

You get free traffic from YouTube videos that you author. Each video that you create is actually treated in the same way that Google ranks websites. Thus your video gets ranked by the biggest, most popular search engine on the planet as per social engagement and keywords. This way, your video will also rank for the keywords on YouTube as well as Google. It’s DOUBLE DYNAMITE!

Another benefit of using YouTube video advertising is that it is mobile friendly. More than 50 percent of YouTube videos are actually watched on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets. These videos get shared on the social sites like crazy when people check their social media profiles. This is HUGE. Are you getting the “picture” here? (pun intended!)

Using YouTube video advertising, your customers can easily find YOU. Let’s face the facts, when it comes to explaining a concept, product or service.. the way you speak naturally is always going to produce MUCH better results than words on a page or through old fashioned promotional campaigns. Your customers will love your ‘face to face’ interaction. Video marketing is the way to go in these fast paced, quick results orientated times. No question about it at all. Zero, zilch, nada!

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YouTube ads and videos are easy to create and this makes them all the more cost effective for businesses of all types and sizes. It’s easy to get rolling with on line video advertising! The computer you are using right now will likely have a camera and sound card built right in. Grab a microphone, plug it in and let the cameras roll! The same is true of your Smartphone. Modern Smartphones are capable of shooting decent enough video to put you on the map right out of the box. Now is the time to take action and bring your ideas of making bank to the next level. Make it happen now, today!

Cheers to YOU!

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