Top Reasons Why You Need To Use YouTube Advertising For Your Business

Many businesses these days are well aware of Google Adwords, LinkedIn advertising, Facebook marketing and so on but have you ever heard of using YouTube Advertising for your business? If not, let’s reveal the juicy details here. At first, YouTube ads may sound to be like a branding play but it is actually much more than that. With YouTube advertising, you can drive conversions without all the hassle.

So, let’s dig in and discover the reasons behind why YouTube advertising is a very smart move for your business:

Expand Your Customer Base

Video marketing is growing at a staggeringly rapid speed with more than 1.8 billion logged in viewers cruising YouTube on a regular basis. So, when you use YouTube ads for your business, you can practically GUARANTEE grabbing the attention of your audience by creating attractive videos as well as by advertising on other’s videos.

Also, YouTube is the #2 search engine and 3rd most visited site IN THE WORLD, after Google and Facebook. Every minute 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site and nearly 2 billion people visit it monthly. Such a platform has become a guaranteed place to find people who may find intense interest in your products and services and convert into paying customers.


One of the greatest things about YouTube videos is the way you can embed them easily at different places with ease. You can easily embed videos in blogs and on social media platforms. It is indeed an easy way to share valuable content with YouTube’s vast viewership without investing in expen$ive marketing schemes.

Growing Audiences Worldwide!

The fact is, one of the most exciting aspects regarding YouTube advertising for businessesis that creating alluring videos opens up the door to potential and new customers WORLDWIDE. Through YouTube ads, you can easily reach out to a MASSIVE audience without a budget busting bankroll.

Here’s how to get started optimizing your YouTube presence for a Global Audience.

Translate Video Caption Files
If you’re already transcribing your YouTube videos and uploading the transcriptions as closed-caption files, translate the captions into the secondary language you’ve chosen. You can use Google Translate or Bing’s Translator to convert your transcriptions into any language you want. WHAM! You’re got real potential as an instant international entrepreneur! How exciting is that?

Including secondary language subtitles allows speakers of those languages to understand and engage with your videos. This tactic also improves discovery because YouTube indexes secondary language captions.
It is also important to include various calls-to-action in the videos with proper annotations and link them to email auto responders, website content, products and services etc. This is how you create valuable mailing lists for follow ups, upselling and/or even downselling!

Customers Will Buy From You & Promote You

YouTube videos that have a personal touch help in increasing the rate of conversion to a great extent. It has been noted that people buy from the companies whom they trust. Well thought out and produced video media serves to provide your
customers a ‘personal touch’ that is just not present in print media.

How To Make Your Channel Stand Out in a Crowd!

Research shows that for businesses and professional services, if you drive the traffic to a landing page with a video embedded and ready to play, it’s just as if a real company representative is there in the living room with the customer! Building trust is the key to sales and always has been. Use this powerful tool to do just that and you are golden!

Send More Targeted Leads to Your Site

YouTube ads are so supportive of your overall strategy due to the fact that they help to send targeted traffic to your site and allow you to easily set up embedded click-able video annotations that when clicked on send traffic to your main site’s pages. This is super powerful and allows you to bring targeted, qualified leads directly to your business’ doorstep.

These are a few top reasons for using YouTube for amplifying your business. As you learn more about and deploy YouTube advertising and marketing techniques, you will be amazed as your sales increase immensely.

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