How To Start Advertising On YouTube

If you are all set to advertise on YouTube using the type of ad which pops up before a video starts, here is the step by step guide for you. First of all, create Google Adwords account. If you already have one, then surf over to Google AdWords and create your video ad campaign.

Creating an Adwords Account (Great 3 minute video)

Ensure that the YouTube and Adwords accounts are linked to each other. You can simply do this from the navigation menu by selecting the ‘Linked YouTube Accounts’. After this, you need to set the location at which you want the YouTube ad to show. You can select the countries, cities, ZIP codes, regions, IP addresses and so on. This can be broad or specific selection. In fact the more specific you select, better qualified the viewers will be. In case you are trying to create brand awareness, surely then you should have a broad selection of location.

How To Advertise On YouTube For Beginners – Tutorial

After these general settings are done, it is time for you to upload the video. Select the video that you wish to showcase and then upload it to your account. Moving ahead, you can then choose the gender, age and specific items related to your video ad. The more specific these descriptions are, the better your results will be!

How to Upload Video to Youtube Properly!

After your video is uploaded, it is important to input the advanced settings. In this section, you can simply select what time of day and which days you wish your YouTube ad to be broadcasted. If there is a specific time you wish to showcase the video (because a viewer is more likely to be available to view your material) – choose the options you desire. Next, choose the start and end dates you want the ad to run. Proper settings and experimentation with these settings will prove to be instrumental to your success!

Furthermore, you can choose the specific devices that you want to target like mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. Select the devices which you yourself would be using to search for products and/or services on YouTube.

Last but not least, you need to choose which type of ad you would like to showcase. There are basically 4 main types including:

In-Stream Video Ads

These are the most popular ones and they are seen before or during a video. The viewers have to sit through 5 seconds to see the ad after which they can decide to whether continue or skip the ad. When you do some good targeting using a creative and interesting video ad, viewers will continue watching.

In-Search Video Ads

These types of ads appear in right margins or above the YouTube search results. They work in a similar fashion as text ads that appear in Google searchs. The advertisers here bid on the keyword terms.

In-Display Video Ads

This type of ad appears with other YouTube videos or even on other Google Display Network websites.

In-Slate Video Ads

In slate video ads show up before the YouTube partner video. The users can then decide to watch one of these ads or can choose to watch regular commercials during the video.
Using this information, we hope you start advertising on YouTube easily and with great results. Jump in and start getting the results you need and deserve!

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