Top Benefits Of YouTube Video Ads

The benefits of marketing with YouTube ads outweigh the reservations you may have regarding incorporating ads in your marketing campaign. To maximize the benefits, it is crucial that you invest in creating video ads that are personal as well as creative. Make ads that resonate with target audiences and encourage them to share with others.

Better Reach

There are nearly 2 BILLION visits to YouTube every month with its visitors watching over 6 billion hours of content. Indeed of all the marketing/advertising channels, YouTube has the most potential to reach out to largest percentage of your soon-to-be new customers!

Measurability Becomes Easy

Another benefit of YouTube ads is their ability to determine the success of your ad campaign. It is impossible to know where or if you have reached the target audience using the traditional advertising methods. With the help of AdWords, you get free access to the analytics report. These include number of people that have seen the video and number of new viewers who have connected with your message through the videos and ads.

With a nice combination of sharing, video access and community on YouTube and mostly your target audience, makes an opportunity for greater audience engagement as well as business growth. So when a viewer finds that your video is informative and useful, they have the choice of sharing it with others as well! This in turn expands the reach of your ad to a great extent. Imagine having thousands of people doing a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ for you!…for free 🙂

Videos Need To Be Content Rich

It is a common notion that YouTube ads and videos need to be entertaining and humorous. The truth is that they have to be interesting and informative as well in order to gain an impressive number of views. Your work should be crisp, clear, informative and useful rather than just a humorous diversion. Follow these suggestions and your work could very well go viral quicker than you think!

Viral Marketing

Moving forward, YouTube offers a mind bending number of viral marketing benefits like easily embedding your videos on sites to share on social media, other sites etc. Viewers regularly share videos with their co-workers, family and friends. In many instances people who receive YouTube video links which have been shared by friends or family go on to share the same content with their circle of influence thus creating a ripple effect known as the multiplication of effort. Cost to you: zero!

Easy Share-ability

YouTube videos are really, really easy to share. Sharing your content makes integration into a social media campaign a simple task. With your viewership now sharing your video content on popular media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc, your business will get exposed to a greater extent than ever possible prior to the birth, growth and maturity of the web and social media. How exciting is that? Are you seeing the potential of this powerful tsunami of viral traffic changing your life? The more popular your videos become, the higher they will rank. As your videos increase in their popularity, the odds are that their associated links will also be clicked and checked, thus mega-magnifying your business presence online. Where else can you “employ” so many people to do so much work for YOU without ever having to cut them a paycheck?! Sounds incredible I know but this is the definition of ‘viral marketing’!

This Is It

All in all, the benefits of YouTube video marketing are many and powerful. Ensure that you include videos in your advertising strategy and see your business flourish in no time. Using YouTube videos and video ads allow you to win boatloads of new customers on a direct and personal level thereby putting YOU in the driver’s seat and on your way straight to the bank!

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