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Putting advertisements on social media sites and other popular channels is a great way to attract customers. Ads make your business visible and more importantly, viable. Facebook and YouTube are two of the best options at your disposal when you need to gain customer base through online advertising. But which one to opt for can be confusing. Let’s clear the air right here. YouTube has higher view rate as well as completion rate for video views. Facebook was always on the forefront when it came to higher ‘impressions’. Confused? No worries. Continue reading to discover what this all means..

Within the last few years, the Web has been abuzz with all of this talk about Facebook overtaking YouTube as far as video engagement and advertising is concerned. But what is surprising is that even though there has been much adieu about Facebook, Google’s video giant YouTube enjoys a readership approaching more than 1.8 billion regular users! Users who consume over ONE BILLION hours of video streaming daily! Unreal! Also worth remembering is the total number of video hours watched on a monthly basis is on the rise. Remember.. YouTube is still the second largest search engine giant in the world after Google. That’s right! People like you and your customers search YouTube all day, every day. They are looking for products and services (as well as entertainment and education) to enrich their lives.

Facebook vs. YouTube

If you really want your videos and ads to get seen by people through search, then YouTube is the perfect platform. Any content that you would like people to discover through a natural search should be parked on your YouTube Channel. When creating your ads make sure that titles, descriptions and tags are included with proper keywords. Proper keyword research helps viewers find your videos and ads when they search for specific products and services (keywords!). Make search success easy for your customer and profitable for you.

On the other hand, Facebook is also a great place for advertising. For beginners, social networking makes it easy for advertisers to effectively target specific consumers. But keep in mind that Facebook not only works for advertising campaigns due to targeting, it is effective due to the engagement factor it enjoys.

Let’s take a step back. When considering the audience you seek, it has been proven that people spend more time watching video and ads on YouTube as opposed to Facebook.

The Data

Facebook beats YouTube for number of Impressions.
Facebook delivers more time watched than YouTube when taking into account their autoplay function.
Without the “unengaged” portion of the view, YouTube thunders ahead on quality time watched.
Completed views are significantly higher on YouTube.
Also of utmost importance when budgeting your advertising:
Cost per quality watched minute is cheaper on YouTube.

YouTube and Facebook provide self serve tools however they work in different ways. Facebook’s tool provides a fixed cost per 1000 impressions as well as estimated impressions each day. While YouTube tells a brand to enter the maximum amount it would pay for a complete view. In this way, YouTube estimates average cost for each view and the number of times views are recorded for each day.

Bottom Line:
If you value QUALITY over sheer quantity (ie: Facebook impressions) when seeking to get your message out, YouTube is the champ.

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Potentially Senseless Blather (Mine)

You may also want to keep in mind the recent Facebook scandals involving user data and analytics outfits. Yes I am fully aware that we are all pretty much an “open book” when connected to any network but that doesn’t put to rest any damage already done. Just my opinion and yes, I also know everybody has one and it’s basically worthless! 🙂

I have a confession to make and I confess that I am hooked on YouTube. It is an addiction almost akin to that of junkie! As a matter of fact, a friend busted my chops pretty hard a few months back concerning my ravenous consumption of YouTube fare. To be sure he was told to flake off in so many words but seriously – I am hooked! I’ve learned so much and laughed harder than is legal – all while viewing content on YouTube! Being ‘hooked’ on all the good stuff YouTube has to offer prompted my decision to put this modest site up. I am genuinely more than impressed with a World Changer of a SITE: YouTube!

Summing It All Up

So, all in all, who is actually winning the advertising/video marketing battle is a tough question. The fact is both Facebook and YouTube are crucial parts of a productive online video marketing plan. You can use the strengths of both platforms in order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. The most logical and potentially profitable game plan would include YouTube’s superior viewer engagement (where viewers are more likely to watch your pitch right through the end) and Facebook’s higher impression rate. All this while keeping in mind that an ‘impression’ may mean that your video ad was viewed for only a few seconds. Obviously it is advisable to do your own research since paid advertising funds come straight out of your pocket!

But hey! Whatcha gonna do? Are you going to get busy doing something positive and profitable for yourself or throw an ugly, boring classified ad in the local thrift paper while keeping your fingers forever crossed and hoping for results?

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