About This Site

Make Money From Youtube! is here to inform its readership of
the real advantages of taking your marketing campaigns to the
next level and beyond by using the power of video communication
to reach your customers.

Look around you: People are glued to their ‘devices’ (de-vices)
..’vice’, just noticed that ;). Anyway it seems that at least
with the younger generation(s), attention spans are at all-time
lows. We are busy. We are running full out on all cylinders.
Time is THE premium commodity now.

What does this mean for the businessperson, marketing magnate
or the shopkeeper on the corner?

You must entice, entertain and educate your customers quickly
and efficiently
. I remember the old days when direct mail marketing
was the ‘BIG THING’ at the office. Am I dating myself? HA!
Those were the days! Everything done by printers, folding machines,
the postal service..and these two hands. Well, some if it anyhow.

Today, the world truly is your oyster and it’s all at YOUR
fingertips (mine too!) So let’s jump in and get ‘with the
program’ so to speak. Lights, Camera ACTION! Video marketing
is THE POWERHOUSE tool you need to take advantage of for maximum
effect. Maximum reach. Maximum results.

I am glad that you are here!